Claiming Creativity

Originally posted on the blog of the Fairfield County Public Relations Association.

When we make it our mandate to foster an environment in which Connecticut’s businesses can create jobs, we not only compete; we bring about change. Let’s make our state a great incubator for a new creative class and claim our own unique brand of creativity. Let’s have a 360-degree approach to creativity—from marketers who will create campaigns in the hopes of attracting business to recruitment experts who can spot a (creative) diamond in the rough, we should make growing a creative class in Connecticut our top priority going forward. To do that, we’ll need creative thinking on how to nurture what we have and how to entice others. Plus, as more business comes and more talent calls our state home, the need for cool indie boutiques, hyperlocal restaurants, and sexy and dynamic (and green) living spaces will increase, meaning not just jobs in business but also growth in the employment of wait staff, retail folks and everyone from contractors to housekeepers to carpenters, and then some. After all, we’ll need to keep our towns attractive to urban warriors who have fought the Battle of Manhattan for years but still require a stake in creative culture to survive—and thrive.

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