Hybrid Culture and How Connecticut Can Be the Ellis Island of Professional Life

Originally posted on the blog of the Fairfield County Public Relations Association.

Back in the days of the marketing boom (pre-subprime), one of the industry’s gurus, Alex Bogusky, talked about the importance of having an agency of generalists, of people who took a creative approach to every project they concepted, produced or served from the client side. In today’s economy, competing means integrating: having more skills that will attract businesses that are hiring, and making oneself more marketable in this ever-changing way we work today. Let’s push in Connecticut for a new model in which a hybrid workplace promotes creativity, technological advancement and sheer integration. Our state is home to a myriad of talent who know that the future isn’t in commuting into the city but in making Connecticut an appealing pool for businesses looking for versatile and diversified talent. When talking about marketing agencies, Paul Roetzer, author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint, talks about “building scalable infrastructures that enable firms to readily adapt their business models and services to changes in technology, consumer behavior and market demand.” By making our current and future businesses hybrids that disrupt the industry, we will not only drive change but also revel in our ability to promote hybrid culture. Let’s make Connecticut the Ellis Island of professional life: Give us your creatives, your tech-savvy, your innovators yearning to break free from long commutes and lack of sleep. In return, we will be more efficient and productive than ever—and nimble enough to bring about real change. Let’s promote our homegrown professionals who can deliver services across all platforms and disciplines, and who can tell their stories and craft new ones that tout our abilities to adapt to our fast-moving world.

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  1. Lisa Wexler says:

    I have always been impressed by the sheer level of professionalism you see in most businesses and services offered here. I’m with you Marian, let’s brand Fairfield County as its own place to be, and not merely a satellite of NYC.

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