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Originally posted on the blog of the Fairfield County Public Relations Association.

We are living in a hyperlocal world, and we should all be hyperlocal girls (and boys). I’ve talked at length about hyperlocalism through the lens of the media—in today’s newscrafting climate, local outlets such as Patch and all our social networks are trumping the national network news when it comes to reporting on everything from the weather to the best place to get a homemade whoopee pie. And in places from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh, we’re seeing an increased interest and value in community. Connecticut should also embrace localism as a way to sell its goodness to the world at large and to big business looking for a new place to call home. We all know that Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport and New Haven are cities worth noticing. We need to do more than recognize what’s good about ourselves, though; we need to spread that love for our communities with people we know, on social networks and in outlets such as Yelp. I, for instance, can’t get enough of Lalibela in New Haven for Ethiopian food, and I’m happy to spread the word about it … and the greatness of Michele’s Pies in Norwalk, Oscar’s in Westport for a stuffed sandwich, and my collection of divey diners on the Post Road right here in Fairfield County. Let’s make a point to compile a list of all our favorite spots in 2012 and send it to businesses around the country and the world to show what we’re made of. Our currency should not only be creativity; we should also be trading in our local colors, flavors and pride. It’s the little things around us that help create and feed big things—and thinking small (and eating and shopping small) give us all the chops we need to think very, very big in the years to come.

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  1. Marian Salzman,

    Your trendspotting work is impressive. I watch your local vision in an attempt to finalize my own. I’m a step behind you. I have entered the most competitive business in the world. I’m an intern at the David Jones School of Global Understanding & Kindness, where students learn that he who cares, wins. Other than my textbooks, GlobalEyes.Biz and LocalEyes.Biz are my only guideposts. I see too many “global this and that” on your co’s web sites… for a worthy campaign, they are available to you on a pro bono basis. Maybe we can help each other.

  2. […] to find the time to plan a trip somewhere international, let alone domestic. As a big proponent of everything local, I love the idea of a staycation. But even though it’s a nice way to recharge the batteries, it […]

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