Agile PR: Smarter Communications in a World on Fast Forward

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Stop for a moment — I know most of us don’t have much longer than that to spare — and ask yourself: Is there even a single part of your life not being shaped or accelerated by digital communication? From texts with friends and family, to social media, and with no thanks to the obliteration of work boundaries, we are communicating with more speed and frequency than ever before.

Having to be always on means both brands and individuals are representing themselves more carefully and responding more quickly to our increasingly public-facing world. And while it used to be that slow and steady won the race, now it’s agility that’s demanded of us. This is especially true for those who work in industries like public relations and communications, where the ground is always shifting beneath its practitioners, it’s be agile or else — lose out on business, on innovation, on connectedness and on the future.

In Havas PR’s new book, Agile PR: Expert Messaging in a Hyper-Connected, Always-On World, we put readers through something of an agility boot camp — a quick course in the art (and sport) of turning on a dime to respond to everything from a snarky tweet to a new technology to a crisis-gone-viral. The practical insights, advice and takeaways we serve up are as applicable to top brand strategists as they are to people just starting to build their own personal brands and careers.

When exploring the new best ways to navigate, and stand apart in, our digitally driven world, my agency drew case studies from our legendary clients and insights from the full breadth of our careers in public relations and trendspotting. The result is a conversational communications toolkit with explicit instructions on how to seize opportunities using engagement and influence and how to mitigate crises with communications dexterity in a world that serves up both faster than ever.

Should you be concerned there will be too much spin in a book about PR, you’ll be glad to know that authenticity is trending right along with agility. Not only do we serve it up straight, but we tell you how to keep it real, too, so that your brand — be it personal or corporate — resonates. (And although the print medium isn’t exactly agile, Agile PR is meant to shape the discussions and actions taking place largely online.)

No matter who you are or what you do, the communications principles of Agile PR will help you better connect with those around you — changing the way you see, represent and express who you are.

Agile PR is available on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere.

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