2009 Broadcast

On CNBC’s “Power Lunch,” Marian talks about marketing trends for 2010, especially social media. December 2009

Sound bite: “Social media is going to be the way that we’re going to lead people one on one to connect with the brands, the products, the new information, and they’re going to lead each one of us to whatever we’re going to be interested in. It’s not going to be ‘paid’ anymore, it’s going to be ‘persuade.’ ”

Marian chats with Al Roker on “Wake Up with Al” about what Tiger Woods, child reality TV and social media mean for 2010.December 2009

Sound bite:“I think parenting is going to be the last domain—we’re going to be tolerant of a lot of sins, but not the sin of bad parenting.”

From credit scores to women in social media to Sunday brunch: Marian tells Connecticut’s WTNH-TV where our culture is going. December 2009

Sound bite: “The whole idea of managing your credit was bound to the fact that real estate was going to keep appreciating. But guess what? The economy fell from underneath us. Even if you pay your prime mortgage every month, your debt-to-credit ratio has fallen apart. So we’ve just kind of shrugged our shoulders and said, ‘You know what, our credit score is not our identities.’ ”

Marian talks to the “Today” show about how the recession changed people’s values. Spring 2009

Sound bite: “We don’t want to run around showing off that we have great things. We want to show off that we have great friends, that we have great times, great giggles.”

On CNN, Marian tells viewers how businesses can benefit from using Twitter. Spring 2009

Sound bite: “You can build an extraordinary knowledge base without any regard to time or place or geography, and you can spend no money. There’s absolutely no constraint based on the size of your company. You can be a small business in Alaska or a large business in Moscow and you can compete equally. It’s all based on brainpower.”

Marian discusses social media and the economy with King5 Morning News in Seattle. Spring 2009

Sound bite: “A lot of us are living our lives in parallel universes. We’re living our real lives, and then we’re going onto Facebook and onto Twitter and we’re managing multiple sets of friendships that we’re staying in touch with by broadcasting what we’re doing in our real lives and sharing them with people who might be geographically far away but emotionally close to us.”

Marian discusses love, connectivity and economy on Valentine’s Day with CNN. February 2009

Sound bite: “People are going to re-embrace romantic relationships. For single people, there are more opportunities through all the new forms of connectivity to hook up than ever before. But people are also just more pragmatic and are going to make the best of what they have.”

Change over the last three decades has been momentous, Marian tells viewers of CBS News. February 2009

Sound bite: “Marketers realized that the big profit was in constantly trading up. The first car you bought was about getting the next car. The first credit card you got was about trading up to the next level of credit card membership. The first house you bought was never going to be the house you were going to stay in.” [Watch video here.]