Marian Salzman - A globally recognized Trendspotter


“Over the past 35 years, Salzman has become one of the world’s most powerful social trend predictors. … Every year Salzman releases her highly influential Annual Trends report, treated like a bible by companies worldwide. On her 2019 list, alongside global conflict, the end of civility and eco disaster (all worryingly depressing), there’s one bright spark—the rise of the ‘age proud’ movement.” —

Marian Salzman - A globally recognized Trendspotter


“We are now all facing a whole lot of huge and hugely complex global problems that don’t have quick fixes. … It’s tempting to believe those who…advocate for simple solutions applied with single-minded determination, regardless of what others think. Yet experience shows that effective solutions start with opposing sides spending time together, taking the time not just to hear each other out but also to feel each other out. In other words, effective solutions start with conversations.” —Marian quoted on IPRA

Marian Salzman - A globally recognized Trendspotter


In 2018, Marian joined Philip Morris International (PMI) as Senior Vice President global communications—a role in which she is tasked with accelerating the company’s achievement of a SmokeFreeFuture.

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