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Embrace dialogue

In this interview, Marian addresses the rise of hate and exclusion—twin tenets of modern culture that are sowing discord and hampering progress. She encourages viewers to move beyond hate by engaging in constructive dialogue, seeking to understand opponents’ perspectives, and embracing science and objective fact. Demonization has yet to solve a single problem.

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Hate is in the air

In this white paper by Philip Morris International, Marian and her team explore the roots of the current rise in hate and division, its negative impacts, and the role of social media. Leveraging insights from a new international survey, the paper discusses what individuals and organizations can do to address exclusion and replace confrontation with collaboration.

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Navigating the Next Horizon

In “Life Next: How Our World Could Change Post-Pandemic,” she examines macro and micro shifts that have begun to take shape since March 2020—from new rules for business to changes in how we communicate and configure our homes.

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Zoomsday Predictions | Trends for 2021

November 2020

Is 2020 over yet? We have all experienced some lousy years, but this one has upended our lives and tested us in ways we would never have imagined a year ago.

In her annual trends report, Marian explores 11 sightings that promise to influence our life choices and behaviors as we progress into what will ultimately become our next normal. Coming off the “great pause” of the pandemic of 2020, we will be zooming in on our local communities, scrambling long-held notions of time and space, devising ways to reclaim “real” estate from the virtual realm, and making peace with uncertainty. Resilience and adaptation will be the order of the day—and year.

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Marian In The News

“Over the past 35 years, Salzman has become one of the world’s most powerful social trend predictors. … Every year Salzman releases her highly influential Annual Trends report, treated like a bible by companies worldwide. On her 2020 list, alongside global conflict, the end of civility and eco disaster (all worryingly depressing), there’s one bright spark—the rise of the ‘age proud’ movement.” —

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Meet Marian

Marian Salzman, senior vice president, global communications at Philip Morris International (PMI), has been named one of the world’s top five trendspotters and is among the most-awarded public relations executives. In recent years, she has been listed in PRWeek’s Global Power Book and as a PR News Top Woman in PR.

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Marian On Camera

Marian Salzman - A globally recognized Trendspotter
Marian Salzman - A globally recognized Trendspotter
Marian Salzman - A globally recognized Trendspotter

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