2010 Broadcast

December 2010

Bloomberg interviews Marian about five of her trends for 2011: a rise in anger, doing things with your hands, mycasting, emotional-resilience boot camps for young people, and wanting more control.

Sound bite: “We feel like the world’s out of control. We don’t know when we’re going to live and die, we don’t know when we’re going to be fired. We’re constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. And our society has become so negative, the other shoe dropping has a lot of negative, dire consequences. So we somehow want to feel like we’re exerting control, we’re taking charge of things.”

June 2010

Marian talks trends like hyperlocalization and the rise of teenagents in many appearances, including on “Good Morning America” and in spots with news personalities like Al Roker.

Sound bite: “Virtuality and reality have really blended together for younger people. They don’t really understand what we mean when we talk about seeing or talking to someone because they can see and talk with their fingers and via computer mediation.”

June 2010

The highlights of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR’s many hits include pickups by such high-profile hosts as Ellen DeGeneres and Rachael Ray, as well as Marian’s expert trendspotting.

Sound bite: “Local is the new global. We’re going to all really invest in our communities. It’s going to start with school communities around children. It’s going to start with social causes.”

May 2010

Marian discusses the buying power of teen girls and living digitally with “New York Daily News” anchor Chuck Scarborough.

Sound bite: “You might have 500, 600, 700 friends if you’re in high school. You might have a thousand followers. It’s a completely different way of life. You collect people.”

March 2010

Today’s teen girls make up the ultimate “trend-spreading” demographic, one that relies heavily on close relationships with other teen girls, which Marian calls a sisterhood, and on staying in touch technologically.

Sound bite: “The teenage girl market is probably the most interesting market to me out there.… These are people who are not speaking with their mouth so much as their fingers. They’re not listening so much with their ears as with their eyes, and therefore they’re seeing and hearing very, very different kinds of things.”

January 2010

What is the new normal? And what is it in the public relations business? Find out from internationally recognized trendsetter Marian. Plus thoughts on the economy and on Euro RSCG Worldwide PR.

Sound bite: “The new normal is 24/7/365, people working around the clock in real time. For PR, it’s a wonderful new normal—as soon as we recognize we’re not going to get any sleep. And even if you’re going to get to sleep, you’re going to have a colleague that you’re going to be job-sharing with and mind-sharing with, file-sharing with, because it’s going to be about delivering in real time against business objectives.”

January 2010

Society will no longer tolerate exploitation of children in the media, Marian tells FOX 61 “Morning Show” (Hartford, Conn.).

Sound bite: “Finally we have really come to the place where we know what really is bad parenting. We thought that David Letterman showed us what was bad husbandry, but now Tiger Woods brought us to a new level. But the Balloon Boy really convinced us that you cannot exploit your children to a certain level.”

January 2010

“Good Morning America” asks Marian for expert advice on how the wonder of social prediction works.

Sound bite: “The number one lesson is don’t get very specific. By feeling obliged to go very specific, you run the risk that it’s not really a prediction but an attempt to be very directional.”