2008 and Earlier Broadcast

December 2008

On “CNN American Morning,” Marian says it’s time for a global reboot.

Sound bite: “The whole country needs to be rebooted. At a bigger level, the World Economic Forum has met and said that we need to reboot everything.”

Fall 2007

On “60 Minutes,” Marian talks with Morley Safer about managing millennials in the workplace.

Sound bite: “These young people will tell you what time their yoga class is, and the day’s work will be organized around the fact that they have this commitment. So you actually envy them. How wonderful it is to be young and have your priorities so clear. Flipside of it is how awful it is to be managing the extension, sort of, of the teenage babysitting pool.”

Summer 2007

Marian weighs in on the new social trend of life coaching on CBS News.

Sound bite: “Time is the ultimate currency. So I can buy people to give me more time for myself. But there’s something else going on: It’s the desire that we’ve got to keep unlocking our next potential.”

June 2007 (Cannes Lions)

Marian discusses film, business, change and trends with Cannes Fringe.

Sound bite: “With ROI and all those conversations, while they’re headache-inducing, it’s also imperative that when we’re spending clients’ money, we’re making the greatest impact on sales and on profits.”

Spring 2007

Marian spots the trend of Muslim consumer power and discusses the topic with NY1.

Sound bite: “It’s a very, very engaged consumer population, but it’s not a consumer population that shops exactly the way your average, everyday American shops. So we really need to understand the differences.”