[third]”Your observations and comments were just the nudge we needed to be more aggressive in our framing of the opportunity. In particular, many commented how much they appreciated your candidness about our brand and the opportunity to better differentiate in the clutter through thought leadership—and BEING the news. You’ve given us much to reflect on.” —Craig Robinson, President, USA, Colliers International

“Interesting, engaging, funny—and so well received. I have never heard so much praise for one of our speakers. I hope you will consider coming back another time.” —Brian Griffin, Vice President, Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce

“This year I had the pleasure to attend the National Retail Federation Big Show and listened in on several really interesting keynotes. One keynote that boiled to the top for me was one of the last talks of the Big Show featuring Marian Salzman.” —Anne Van Hulle, U.S. Retail Campaign Manager, Intel Corp.

“I used to think advertising was more about fibbing the truth or exaggerating information in order to get consumers to buy products. I have learned that it’s also about creating trends and influencing people in positive ways.”

“Very glad you came! I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and everything you had to say.”

“I was more convinced by this presentation that advertising is about bringing ideas to the real world instead of just being creative.”—Students from Michigan State University

@AndrewYangVFA Thank you @mariansalzman and @cpaik for being such phenomenal role models to the @venture4america fellows these past days! We’re grateful!!

“Retailers must become trend spotters to identify the driving forces behind today’s business and to plan for long-term success. That was the message Marian Salzman drove home with retailers at the inaugural IBD Summit in this seaside town [Monterey, Calif.].… ‘You have to have an insatiable curiosity. But you also have to understand the context. Nothing happens in isolation,’ she added.” —Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

stephenweisbrot Was lucky enough to attend a fascinating trendspotting talk today by @mariansalzman. If you’re curious about the future, look her up.

“Virtually everyone was a ‘newbie’ to their favorite outdoor sport at some point in their lives, according to Marian Salzman, a trendspotter who kicked off the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Thursday morning. Retailers who can cater to those ‘newbies’ have a leg up on the competition, Salzman said to the 500-or-so industry leaders gathered to hear the latest industry trends at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City.” —Boulder County Business Report


[third]“I’m so stoked that I didn’t blow it off. Marian Salzman gave quite the lecture on the state of Americans and how the outdoor industry can get their attention.” —New West Blog

MrsOtz Enjoying @mariansalzman speak at #4asprconf. She doesn’t sleep.

“Her most controversial statement was that ‘populist is the new elitist.’ However, it was actually her focus on a luxury client’s desire to feel a sense of community while he/she travels engaged the audience’s attention the most.” Luxury Travel Advisor

DebBayes @mariansalzman Thanks for the @PRWeekUS webinar about trends for the New Year. Lots of valuable info for brands and communicators!

“Last week I was at a conference and heard Marian Salzman speak. Marian’s a futurist who studies trends in social media and technology and how it affects the world we live in. One of the most provocative ideas she suggested was centered on the Kindle. She admitted when it was first released she thought it was a technology that would stick around for a few years and fizzle out. Now, with the high adoption rate of the Kindle and introduction of the iPad, she believes it could revolutionize education.” Ervin & Smith Marketing to Women

Robbierare Agreed! @Ali92: Really enjoyed #GdnChangingAd @CEO_CIPR session with @mariansalzman @GrahamHales on brand authenticity in age of ‘always on’

“Salzman’s presentation was extremely topical and focused on how recent economic troubles affect consumer habits and how this will progress over the coming weeks and years. She discussed the shift away from conspicuous consumption toward a ‘less is more’ philosophy. She identified the need for marketers to ‘reignite desire’ for their brand or product as consumers continue to cut back and incorporate environmentalism into their decision-making around spending.” —Capitol Communicator


[third_last]“Now [Salzman] sees the trend of ‘radical transparency.’ At a large media conference in London, where all the other speakers were obsessed with ‘monetization’ (making money from the Web), Salzman spoke of how the Bebo generation are happy for their lives to be transparent, and think that anything not put in the public domain is a shameful ‘secret.’ ” The Irish Times

ShoanaJ Incredible presentation by @mariansalzman the global trends she shared are very exciting! I could have listened to her all day! #Vitamints

“According to trendspotter and OIA Rendezvous keynote speaker Marian Salzman, the only businesses in which she would consider investing right now are soup and camping. Her reasoning is that Americans will be looking to escape the long-term economic turmoil and constant barrage of the media by returning to low-cost, simple activities that involve the entire family.” —Outdoor Industry Association WebNews

@mariansalzman @Cronkite_ASU #Havaspr Marian last night your presentation and advice to Cronkite’s #entrepreneurship class was invaluable.

“Globalization + technology = forces that will shape your work life. Trendspotter and futurist Marian Salzman will bring that message today to the sixth annual Women’s Lyceum at Overland Park Convention Center.” —Kansas City Star