Trends Report 2013

What’s Next? What to Expect in 2013
November 2012

An aggregation of public and private forecasts from world-renowned trendspotter Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America, and her team, What’s Next contains more than 150 predictions in 30 categories for 2013. The methodology Salzman employs—pattern recognition—has launched or popularized trends ranging from singletons and metrosexuality to food fear and globesity.

Here are previews of three predictions from the book:

For Education: Watch for a rethink on ages and education: an end of higher education at 18—and the beginning of life apprenticeships that take people from 19 to 29 and prepare them for lifelong reinvention. People will delay entering the workforce by staying in school, taking nonpaying internships or seasonal work, and using life as a classroom.

For Home Life: The recent couch-surfing fad has given birth to a bona fide trend as a business model: airbnb. Although no hotel chains are probably feeling the pinch from the success of local hosting in every city and town planetwide, this exchange program for adults is sizzling, and it marries two mini trends: Earn cash at home and collect experiences.

For Tomorrow’s Money: Gift cards and PreCash cards seem to be overtaking stores as we become more comfortable giving people prepaid shopping as a thank you or to celebrate a milestone.

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