Marian is in demand as a source for newspapers, magazines and websites the world over. From The New York Times and PR Week to Women’s Wear Daily and the Sunday Telegraph of London, her words are included in stories about topics ranging from holiday shopping trends to celebrity marketing to the latest opportunities for PR professionals.

Here’s an excerpt from an article in Adweek about a subject on which the two-BlackBerry-carrying communications exec is well-versed: “[Social media] stopped being technology when it became social. I think that is the important tipping point. The moment we cross over to ‘what are groups doing?’ that’s where social media comes in.… It became a way for people to bring their social lives to a better place. As soon as it reverts to technology, nobody wants to discuss the dial tone.”

Marian has also been profiled in such print publications as American Way and London’s Guardian. (To watch Marian in action as a talking head on TV, go here.)

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